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New Album The Law of Vibration out 11/20

We’re pleased and gratified to announce the upcoming release of our second album, The Law of Vibration. It features compositions by Frank Lacy, Fred Hopkins, and Steve McCall, as well as a rendition of John Coltrane’s Living Space that we’re quite proud of.

In addition, on a fall day a couple of years ago, we were fortunate enough to have the late trombone legend Roswell Rudd join us in the studio for his classic composition, Yankee No-How. We’ll cherish the memory of that wonderful time, and are delighted to be able to share it with you.

The album will be out 11/20. You can sample and pre-order it here, as either a high resolution download, or a physical CD.


That Which Is Planted

1032K has a knack for sounding like a much larger group than it really is. Though it is a trio, the respective members employ rich instrumentation to create imaginative textures. Lacy plays both the trombone and trumpet, while Drury’s drum kit includes anything from dustpans to gears and clamps. The interplay between Ray, Lacy and Drury is inventive and engaging. That elusive, but so essential element of synergy demanded by this style of jazz is always on display. Their passion and commitment to creating music that grooves, yet challenges space and time makes for a truly transcendent experience.

Although this is a live recording, the sound quality is exemplary, capturing the urgency of the live performance without sacrificing an iota of aural quality. That Which Is Planted is an auspicious debut that promises so much more to come.