The Planck temperature. The temperature at which matter ceases to exist, and conventional physics breaks down. According to Nova, at this point, “strange things, unknown things, begin to happen to phenomena we hold near and dear, like space and time”. Also an apt description for what happens when you mix the cerebral flamboyance of Frank Lacy’s trombone with Andrew Drury’s kaleidoscopic percussion, and the big broad bass sound of Kevin Ray.

The great tradition of Jazz includes the reinterpretation of the works of its master composers. Because of the complexity and originality of the interpretive method, this makes a repertory-focused ensemble far more than a “cover band.” But in the case of 1032K, this approach is highly unique.

Rather than focusing upon the more traditional masters – Ellington, Monk, Miles, etc. – this remarkable trio has, in addition to their own compositions, selected a compelling repertoire from some of the less-often played, but powerfully innovative composers and players of modern Jazz. Among these are Sam Rivers, Albert Ayler, Roswell Rudd, Henry Threadgill and Reggie Workman, along with unique takes on Mingus, Strayhorn and Jimi Hendrix.

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The members of 1032K are most qualified to explore this territory, having worked with a veritable who’s-who of the modern era. McCoy Tyner, Andrew Hill, Julius Hemphill, Sam Rivers, Henry Threadgill, Oliver Lake, Dizzy Gillespie, Abdullah Ibrahim, Bobby Watson, John Hicks, Lester Bowie, Greg Osby, Charles Gayle and the Mingus Big Band are only a partial list of the great artists with whom the members have performed extensively. 1032K offers a delightfully singular and most enjoyable voyage in modern Jazz history, while making a good bit of their own on the way.

In keeping with the character of their name, the NY City Jazz Record hailed them as a “triumph of spirit over matter.” All About Jazz called them “an explosive and exciting fusion of talent,” and described their debut album, That Which is Planted, on Oliver Lake’s Passin’ Thru label, as a “brilliant and near perfect record, a vivid and imaginative masterpiece, that showcases a band at the height of its powers.” In addition to well received shows throughout North America, in 2015 they were commissioned by Lincoln Center to arrange and perform their “Hard Time Killin’ Floor Suite,” their interpretation of the work of Skip James for trio plus vocals and electronics.